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Sonoma Massage - About Us


carolyn manzi Carolyn Manzi has twenty years of experience. She opened Magical Massage in a 22 foot cedar lined wine barrel in Glen Ellen, California in 2009 with the help of her friend and co-therapist Martha Paul. Her dream was to create a magical space where people can receive top quality therapeutic massages using local aromatherapy and organic products at affordable prices. Carolyn's massage is a combination of swedish, deep tissue, cranio-sacral, reiki, and lomi lomi. She includes complimentary hot stones, hot towels, and aromatherapy with each treatment. Over the years, Magical Massage has expanded to include a total of nine gifted and experienced massage therapists. The atmosphere is soothing and relaxing reflecting Carolyn's love of nature, rustic architecture and spiritual art. Come see us for a unique and personal experience of relaxation in Wine Country.
martha paul Martha Paul has been massaging in Sonoma since 1996. Her style is a nurturing focused blend of firm Swedish, lomi lomi and Thai. She is a former practicing midwife and mother of 5 grown children.
Willow Mahoney Willow Mahoney has twenty years of experience. She graduated from life stream massage school in 1995, in Napa, Ca. Her massage feels fluid, firm, and thorough. She is intuitive and sensitive to what her clients need and ask for. Her style is a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Lomi Lomi, creating a calm and balanced massage that leaves you feeling complete.
Simone Grasshoff Simone Grasshoff is a massage therapist and yoga instructor in the Sonoma area. A session with Simone is tailored to the client's needs and often combines a unique blend of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Triggerpoint, Hot Stone, Aromatherapy and various other modalities to release tension and support deep relaxation and healing.
Nicole Abaté Ducarroz Nicole Abaté Ducarrozhas lived in Glen Ellen since 1999, moving to the U.S. (after living in France for 8 years) with her Swiss husband, Jean-Francois. They have 3 children. Nicole holds a Bachelor Of Science in Computer Science (having had a career in Software Engineering) and believes that education is very important. After founding two schools, Nicole won her first election to serve on the Sonoma Valley School Board. Tapping even further into her maternal instincts, Nicole chose to delve into the field of healing arts, wellness (including nutrition), and caring for others. She loves nurturing and serving others. When practicing massage, Nicole possesses a singular focus, tuning into her client's needs; offering her best massage skills, committed to complete relaxation while experiencing her caring touch. In her free time, Nicole enjoys being with family, reading, hiking, watching movies, and traveling.
Kim Pettit Kim Pettit has fifteen plus years experience in bodywork and has expanded her field in the areas of aromatherapy, lomi lomi, reflexology, applied kinesiology, hot stones, deep tissue and her favorite, pregnancy; pre-and post labor massage. She has complete knowledge and experience with chiropractic and physical therapy clients as well as clients who require relaxation or therapeutic massage. She is a very empathic and enthusiastic therapist who seeks great pleasure in her new adventures via travel or clients in which she can enrich and expand the modalities and experiences of her life that are most exciting and important to her, as well as transfer her knowledge personal beliefs and practices to fullfill and enrich all the bodies she is able to come intact with. She currently resides in Sonoma county with her husband, daughter, three chihuahuas and a cat! She is always looking forward to a new adventure and personal challenge! Many blessings and a hug!

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